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I Went from Being the Guy with the Bad Back to the One Who Was the Source of Fun on Vacations and Who Picked Up the Slack at Work

I felt pretty much useless at work and at home with my chronic back pain. I felt I made summer vacation miserable. My wife and kids said that everything was fine, and they would add the, “It’s not your fault” statement. To me, that is saying that my back problems are a problem for them too, but they are not blaming me for it. Well, I did not want to be a problem for anyone, especially my family. So, I went to a chiropractor in Turlock to see if I could get any permanent relief from my back pain. I had been to my regular doctor who sent me for x-rays and a CT scan that was followed by an MRI. I had some disc problems, but nothing so bad as to be causing the pain I was experiencing. Continue reading

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Starting from the Ground Up

Singapore CBD with a 10 stop ND Filter (B+W ND 1000x) | Flickr - Photo ...After years of working a mundane 9 to 5 job, I think it’s time that I make some changes in my life. I want to do something greater than what I’m doing now. I want to have the freedom to call the shots when it comes to my career. I want to be my own boss and set my own rules for that happens. I guess what I’m saying is that I want to have my own business. I’ve already started making preparations for the day I start my business, such as looking for office rental space.

A good office in the city will be a prime location to start a business, as that’s were most other businesses are located. By operating in a commerce hub, my business will get the attention it needs. I’m going to create a business that handles Internet technology, creating networks, and software solutions. Continue reading

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I Wanted to Help Get Our Relationship Back on Track

My wife means a lot to me. She always has, and I know I mean a lot to her, too. So, I try to do what I can to show respect for her and our marriage. But it is hard because we have four kids and we both work full time. These things both take up the bulk of our waking hours, and do not leave a lot of time for working on our relationship. Whether it was sex toys or counseling or something else, I wanted to find a way to help both of us feel that we have a strong marriage that is worth sticking with over the years.

One of the first things I spoke to her about was getting counseling. We both agreed that it would be helpful, but we worried about the time it would take. We would need to travel there and back for each and every appointment each week, then spend time waiting in a lobby until our turn to see the expert and then time for the full appointment itself. So, we agreed to find another solution instead. Continue reading

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I Wonder What This is About

I was messing around today and I ended up at this site, http://piratebay.com.co. It claims that it is the safe version of the Pirate Bay dot com, which is obviously the biggest torrent site on the web. It tells you to download it and be safe. I am not sure what it is, but I am pretty sure that I am not going to download it and I have the feeling that I might not be safe if I did. Of course the truth is that you are probably safer downloading stuff off of torrent sites than you are if you get it from the places like downloads dot com or hot files dot com. Continue reading

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A Helping Hand is a Good Thing

I have been on my own for about 15 years. I was married for the 20 years prior to that. Our kids were always around and I always had friends. But lately, I feel like I need help with things due to my dementia. My kids are very busy and they do not even live nearby, so I was not sure what I should do at first. Someone at the senior center I sometimes go to said that I should look into getting dementia care in Brooklyn to help me do some of the things that I feel that I am having trouble with. She gave me a business card with the name and contact info for a local company. I thanked her and said that I would think about it.

I had been living alone for so long that I was not sure how I felt about someone else being in my home for long hours at a time. Continue reading

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I Would Have Lost My Home Without Their Help

When I missed my first mortgage payment, I didn’t think too much about it. I just figured that I would catch up on it the following month, which I did. However, the second time I missed it, I was not able to make a double payment the following month. Things started spiraling out of control, and I started receiving letters about my home being foreclosed if I did not take immediate action. That scared me so much, and I went online to do a search for foreclosure prevention in NYC.

I was just looking for any kind of help that I could find as far as keeping my home, but I was not expecting to find a company that actually does just that. Continue reading

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Living out in the Country Now

We have almost finished relocating to Northern California. We are going to be living about an hour East of the bay area. In fact we are living in a rural area, although you could drive a short distance and find a lot of homes and businesses. Thankfully it has not been as hard hit by the drought as most of the state has been, we have a well that is working just fine. We had to get Direct TV in California because the local cable company really was not much of an option. They did not offer a real competitive product in my opinion and it appears that they charge two or three times for it than I could get. We are pretty happy with the package that we got and the price that we paid. Continue reading

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Roof Repair Because of Fallen Tree

It is always unfortunate when you have to get something fixed on your house that you were not expecting to have to spend money on. But I can tell you one thing, I am definitely glad that I have a bit of an emergency savings fund available for just such things. I have never had to have my roof repaired before, but I need to have a contractor that does roof repair in Brooklyn NY to come over and look at my roof, because it really does need to be repaired.

I am still mourning the fact that I am going to have to spend this money. But there isn’t anyway around it. The roof needs to be fixed. A storm recently blew over a tree in my yard that was mostly dead, and it landed partially on the roof. Continue reading

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Best ADT Systems for Channelview, Texas

I live in Channelview, which is a place I had never heard of, until I moved here. It is actually pretty nice, and I think I will probably stay for awhile. I have to get a security system soon though, because I have been reading news lately and it has made me awfully frightened – the things that go on in this world. I am checking out Channelview ADT to see the prices on a good security system for my house. I just need to feel safer, because right now, I don’t feel very safe in this world.

I know that the local area, is not very dangerous in general, but danger can be anywhere. I look at the news and see violence in almost every country in the world. Sure this country isn’t as crazy as the rest of the world, but some of the things that have happened recently really boggle my mind. To begin with, I don’t really understand violence in the first place, so this sort of violence really confuses me. Continue reading

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My Bookkeeper Left My Company

When my bookkeeper told me she was moving several states away, I was devastated for a number of reasons. Personally, I really enjoyed her company, and we had become good friends. I knew we would still be able to stay in touch though, so I was more bothered about how I was going to handle payroll. I could handle everything else she did or delegate different tasks to different people. I didn’t trust anyone with payroll though since it was a bit more complex. She looked online at different companies before she left, and she recommended Paychex to me.

She was really thorough when she looked at the different companies, so I knew that Paychex had to be the best of the best. I looked at their website, and I was thoroughly impressed with everything that I saw. Continue reading

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Best Organic Vegetable Suppliers in Singapore

I have been worried about eating non-organic food for awhile, and the problem with switching to organic food has been that there is not a lot of it to buy around here locally. It is a bummer, but I am reading about organic vegetables in Singapore and it looks like I should be able to get them delivered to my house, so I think that is what I am going to try to do.

I am not sure why there is not more organic food for sale in the grocery stores around here, it seems like there would be enough of an interest in order to warrant stocking more of the foods. Continue reading

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Putting Gram’s Things in Storage

When my grandmother died, my parents had no idea what they were going to do with all of her things. They knew that t here were enough kids and grandchildren who would want this or that, but they were just not ready to deal with all of that so soon. Since everyone is scattered, it was decided that they would put everything into storage. Then, relatives who come here to visit my parents throughout the year can go to the storage unit and take whatever they want from there. That was the best solution for everyone involved, so my dad just had to find the right storage unit. Continue reading

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Best Air Conditioning Services Fast

I am going to need to get my air conditioning fixed, because it is bloody hot in my apartment, and I do not know why it is not working, but it sure isn’t cooling my apartment down. I can’t live without air, that much is for sure. So I am looking for information on air-conditioning units servicing and I need to get someone to come to my house to fix this stupid machine soon, because I just checked out the weather forecast for my area, and it is only supposed to get hotter for the rest of the week.

Of course this would be the time that my air conditioning decided to break down. I always have bad luck like this and I really wish I knew why. Continue reading

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You Can Never Stop Working out

A good exercise plan is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. Getting yourself on the road to being healthier is something that nobody can take away from you and it’s something that everyone should do at some point in their lives. If you want to, you can take a supplement like somatodrol to help you in your workout. This will help you by boosting the effectiveness of your workout. It will take what you are already doing and send it through the roof. But that doesn’t mean you can stop working out once you hit your goal. Oh no, I see a lot of people make this mistake and it is absolutely terrible. Continue reading

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Working on a Plan to Drop 10 Pounds

I started out looking around the Internet for something that seemed like a believable way to lose weight. I had heard some good garcinia cambogia reviews and I was thinking that it might be worth of a shot, but I have not really figured out if it was safe or not. None of the stuff you see sold over the counter has any science behind it. It is something that some company claims will work and the only way you have to know they are telling the truth is to try it and see if it works. In fact I do not think any of it works by itself. You have to make a rational plan and follow it. That is not any fun from what I have been thinking. I have not really gotten started on it yet. Continue reading

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Get Larger Breasts in a Natural Way

The brestrogen review on your website really was the wakeup call I needed. If you are not a woman then you have no idea of the pressure we are under to have perfect breasts. You don’t have to look any further than Hollywood films. The main woman character is always this athletic woman with huge breasts. I am not really sure what her huge breasts has to do with her saving the world, but it always seems to be there.Women see the way men look at these actresses who have these perfect bodies and we want to be just like them, from the perfect hair down to their perfect breasts. Continue reading

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Great Selection of Movies to Watch

This website www.cable-tv.com/directv/texas/ingleside/ was very helpful for my cousin. My cousin had moved from Georgia to Texas after her husband was killed in Iraq. I was try8ihng to be there as much as I could. She had two small children and I knew she was going through so much pain from the loss. I had taken a month off from my work to be there for her. She and I have always been very close, so I knew I wanted to help her.

When she moved into her new home, I told her I would find all of the utilities she would need for the house. At first she had thought cable television would be good for her, but since she would be living in the country satellite television just seemed a better fit.

I went online and started to look for a good deal, because I knew saving money would be very helpful. Thanks to your website I was able to see a couple different providers, but I told her Directtv would be the best one for her. Continue reading

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Found a New Place in Tempe

I got my degree from Arizona State about six months ago and for a bit I was afraid I was not going to find a job like the one I had been studying for. It was pretty dark when the light came shining in and now I am pretty happy for the moment. Of course I still have a big pile of debt and I am going to need a new car before too long, but I have rented a house in Tempe and I can afford direct tv for arizona and that sort of creature comfort. It is a big deal to me just to be able to sit down and watch TV, because for a long time that was something I had to do without. You think about it, you do not have to have TV. It is great to have it and all that, but you do not absolutely need to pay for it. I had my student loans, my car payment, the insurance for the car and I had rent on a little room that I had. Continue reading

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Sports Channels Through Direct TV

For the last few months, my wife has been bothering me about switching our television service. She wants to switch over to direct tv, because that way, she will be able to get some channels that we do not currently have available. I guess that there are some programs on those channels, that she really wants to watch. Anyway, I guess that I think I would be on board with making the switch, as long as I benefit from doing so as well. As such, I have decided that I am going to look into the sports channels that are available when you switch to Direct TV.

First of all, I want to find a list of the sports channels that come standard with any sort of basic subscription with this service. I hope that there are a lot of them available, because I really enjoy watching sports more than any other sort of programming. I think the reason for that, is that I perceive sports to be real. While as, a lot of other shows are scripted. I will not even get into reality programming, because I think that is more scripted than just about anything else on television these days. I do not get the purpose of watching it either. It just seems to be inane, but I am going to get myself worked up, if I think about the subject for much longer.

Rather, I want to focus on sports channels. I want to get any extra channels that relate to football, if there are some available. It would be awesome, if I had the ability to watch all of the football games that are played at the professional level, in this upcoming football season. That is because football is by far my favorite sport and I really enjoy watching it.

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To Stand Idly by As the World Turns

Over the Summer I was granted the amazing opportunity to study in Singapore. It’s been a dream of mine to travel abroad since I was a kid so being able to finally see that dream come true was almost more than I could handle! Just imagine a twenty year old guy standing in his room as he packs, overcome with the need to jump up and down with joy while even possibly shrieking like a twelve year old girl as a One Direction concert. Yeah, it was that bad. Arriving in Singapore, I was met by my maid singapore – apparently the condo that my parents bought came with a maid service!

At first I was admittedly a tiny bit nervous about having a maid around the place. Not that I was trying to hide anything but having someone whose sole purpose is to clean my condo while she’s on the clock just made me a little uncomfortable. It made me very aware of just how messy of a person that I could be but at the same time, I quickly became incredibly grateful for her presence due to the amount of work and school work I soon found myself buried under!

It has been a long, long journey to finally get to this place in life and I know that I have just started on this weird trip! From the moment that I realized that there were other places outside ‘home’, I have wanted to explore. Even when it was trying to get to other neighborhoods as a kid to now arriving here in this place in time where I stand in Singapore, there is so much to see out in the world and I don’t want to be standing idly by without the chance to see more of it.

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Getting the House Ready to Move in

I am going to be in the apartment for at least another week, but it depends upon a lot of things. I thought I had a friend of mine ready to take over the lease on this place, but stuff happened and that fell through. So I am going to be paying the rent here no matter what. So I am going to use the time to do a bit more stuff at the house. I already had hooked up direct tv at the new place and I told the cable company to cut off my cable tv at the end of the month, but I can deal with that. Continue reading

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